Posted by: mrtweeds | March 17, 2009

march the 17th


the first time i went to ireland i was in college. i had been warned beforehand about the “irish curse”  by a friend who had taken the same course on irish literature a few years before. he wasn’t referring to the ease of the guinness sliding down your throat in a pub, or the complexity of james joyce’s writing which may make you feel like you’re losing your mind,  but rather this: that once you’ve been to ireland, you will spend the rest of your life dreaming of going back, and every time you do, you will feel like you’ve been welcomed back home.

when i got back from my month of studying seamus heaney, ol’ james joyce (or j.j., as we in the know call him…okay, just me), and the many, many others, i was happy to be back in the arms of my then boyfriend, a cute guy named william, but  immediately found that i too had fallen victim to the irish curse.

the second time i went to ireland i went for not a month, but 3 weeks. it was with a really cute guy named william who was now my brand new husband. i loved taking him to all of my favorite places i remembered, especially a little pub in trallee with killer potato and leek soup (with brown bread and a pint too, of course), and, while we were happy to get back to our new house and start our official life together, we both found that the irish curse had gotten him quite badly, and, in my case, just gotten worse.

and so every march the 17th, even though i know that at this point in ireland it’s no longer the minor religious holiday it once was and is now more of a touristy, commercialized version of what the day started out to be once upon a time, i don’t care. i’ll wear green, i’ll make a batch of stew and serve it to my family with soda bread and a pint (okay, probably not the pint for the kids), and i’ll keep dreaming of the day we get to go back…and the next time i hope i can give scout and bug the experience that we’ve had, so that they too can have the curse to call them home.



  1. The curse is so true! Of course, for me it’s England. But ever since I went to Ireland for the first time 2 years ago, I keep thinking of going back and trying to plan my next visit. I’m trying for the fall, but time, money, and time off from work are proving to be issues. But I always know, somehow, that I will go back. Not sure when, could be years, but I’ll go back. 🙂

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