Posted by: mrtweeds | March 18, 2009

sign of things to come


mackenzie got a convertible for her 30th birthday. sure, her birthday’s not for a bit, but what can i say? she got a deal.

(layer courtesy of haeretik)

a deal, and a sweet convertible. which she was kind enough to give heather and i a ride in the other night. you know, heather “the uni-bomber”. that’s her, in the hood.

it was cold.


mack even got us all matching sunglasses, because we’re cool like that.

at least, i think that’s what people were yelling as we drove by. that we were cool. but the old school bon jovi blaring on the radio was kind of loud, so maybe i misheard….


nah. i’m sure that’s what they said.

and just imagine how cool we’ll be when the temperature goes above 50….


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