Posted by: mrtweeds | March 20, 2009

fresh air and wide open sidewalks

this week has been the first real taste of spring we’ve had, so we’re of course trying to soak in every minute. we’ve played on the swing set, done some yard work, collected “treasures” (aka seed pods, gravel, dead leaves and other unidentified organic matter), and bug and i have been parking downtown and walking to scout’s preschool to pick her up every day.


needless to say, the sudden freedom of an open sidewalk is somewhat intoxicating.


and, as you can see, bug can easily walk (and in his case this always means “run”) a number of blocks and still find plenty to smile about. i, on the other hand, begin to wonder what i did all winter other than sit on my bum.

o, that’s right.

i ate a lot, too.

but scout is no less excited than her brother to be able to have the fresh air blowing through her hair as we walk (run) back to the car, and honestly, i can’t say that i blame either of them.


it has, after all, been a long winter, and there really is nothing better than a brisk walk (run) in the sunshine, especially when you’re in the right company.



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