Posted by: mrtweeds | March 30, 2009

i do solemnly swear…

in the spirit of spring, spring cleaning, and generally feeling like i really need to stop hoarding things that i have never and will never use at this point in my life (or in the foreseeable future), i have decided to take a drastic step: to toss, donate, and generally get rid of at least 50 things which are cluttering up my life.


you see, i hold on to things. for a long time. this dress? i’m pretty sure i got it in high school at a clothing walk in. it’s charmingly vintage, it’s hand made, and it’s never been on my body. but…but…it’s charmingly vintage, it’s hand made! look at the adorable collar ruffle (which i’m fairly sure would be insanely scratchy)! look at the beautiful blue color of the…well, some sort of synthetic, anyway…fabric!



don’t even get me started on the buttons and the bizarre little “bow” detail.

i also love how the fabric is entirely impossible to photograph, as well. trust me, i tried.

but i have never worn this garment and feel fairly secure that i never will. and so i am returning it to the fates, dumping it in the clothing collection bin, and reclaiming the hanger in my closet.

and this is just the beginning.

i will show no mercy, i will be honest and fair, and i will get rid of 50 things which i don’t use, don’t need, and, in my heart of hearts, don’t want in my life anymore.

and when i’m done with that, well…

i’m going to find 50 more.

wish me luck.


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