Posted by: mrtweeds | April 1, 2009

beantown, here we come!


today william and i are headed to boston for a game, for food, for sleeping in a comfy bed as long as we want to in the morning…okay, not too long, as we have to drive back and pick up the kids (and save my parents).

but for now, an overnight vacation is exactly what we want, need, and are headed towards.


it’s amazing how important 24 hours together uninterrupted can be when you’ve got two kids under the age of 5…if you don’t pay attention you look up at the person on the other side of the dinner table and realize you haven’t had 10 minutes of meaningful conversation in recent memory.

of course, i’m sure 50% of the time will be spent thinking “the kids would like this…” or how bug did this, when scout said that, and how do deal with this new behavioral hiccup, but i’ll take it.

now let’s just hope the celtics win so we can really enjoy ourselves….



  1. Aww…have fun! Too bad you guys can’t stay longer. I mean I know you’re DYING to come see Gypsy… 🙂

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