Posted by: mrtweeds | April 6, 2009

all is well in boston

our trip to boston last week was a definite success. the trip centered around, of course, a celtics game.


and thank all that is good in the world that they won. in double overtime. with 2.1 seconds to go.


my voice still has not recovered.

but perhaps the most exciting part of the trip was what my dork-imeanawesome-husband managed to pull off:


he secured a spot (along with about 100 other lucky season ticket holders) to shoot a few hoops on the garden floor after the game.


and even i have to admit, it was really cool.


and i do have to apologize to him for missing a photo of his beautiful 3 point shot (which had all the drunk season ticket holders ooohing and aaaahing) but at least i got him making his lay up.

(and, for the record, i shot one lay up and made one lay up. which means my record for the garden is 100%. take that, pierce! )



  1. Gotta love Boston!!!! I miss it!

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