Posted by: mrtweeds | April 20, 2009

and we’re back.

did you miss us? never mind, don’t answer that. i’m pretty sure i know the answer to that already.

anyway, we’re officially back to normal life. vacation is over, thank goodness, and we all survived. this was the vacation when i fondly remembered how spring break used to be crazy exciting and a wonderful event. this time around i just commiserated with all the other mothers who have kids home from school and counted down the days until the regular schedule kicked in again.

we, of course, had many, many adventures, many play dates (aka meatbagz meetings, but more on that later) and many time outs when mama couldn’t take the screaming and yelling anymore.

i did a lot of screaming and yelling.

but first things first: good friday. turns out there’s no school on good friday, which i would have known more than a day in advance had i looked at the preschool schedule.

i am so going to be one of “those” people when scout gets to school. “what? graduation? what do you mean you’re graduating? like, SCHOOL, graduating? i don’t remember seeing that on the calendar!”

but, being a firm believer that you should make lemonade out of lemons (or lemon chicken, even, that’s good. or you can clean with lemon juice, too, but the other two options are much better) mack, heather, and i quickly set up a lunch date. you know, for the kids. so the kids could play.



molly and rory are incredibly lucky to have such caring people around them. people who sacrifice their entire day so they can play outside together.

aren’t they just the  cutest?


will and hannah and finn are too. oh, three little kids all almost the exact same age, destined to become best friends (and, if we have anything to say about it, somehow married/partnered/or otherwise related). they don’t know how good they have it.

and just how good DO they have it?

well. let’s just say that we always make an effort to keep things educational. after all, young children are so impressionable. every moment counts.

sing-itmusic is educational.

playvery educational. it stimulates all sorts of brain wave function things.

drummerand, when you don’t have real instruments, being exposed to a truly impressive air band not only stimulates your mind, but also gives you a great work out AND encourages creative play.

ask will. he knows.

help-mesee? now if that’s not the face of a truly happy, well rounded, and overall impressed child, well. i just don’t know what is.

so you’re welcome, kids.

you’re welcome.



  1. eat your heart out, pat benetar!

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