Posted by: mrtweeds | April 22, 2009

look out world, here come the meatbagz!

we’ve had a very busy few weeks in the meatbagz workshop (we don’t really have a workshop, but we’re hoping to remedy that someday). but workshop or no, we’ve been rockin’ out on the meatbagz. we’ve got an order for 10 bagz to go to a shop in massachusetts, we have a craft show booked for this sunday, and last night we were accepted to have our bagz on sale in the saratoga county arts council gallery shop! they’re rebranding and it sounds like meatbagz will fit right in with the new crowd they’re attracting.

needless to say, we’re quite excited. all this positive meatbagz energy has led to new and exciting designs, which we are also excited to be screenprinting now instead of using transfers. well, i should clarify-mack is the screen printing queen. i haven’t learned yet.

and to top things off, we finally came up with a meatbagz design for this rooster here:


he’s been sitting in my meatbagz folder for months, but i hadn’t come up with anything for him. but look at his face! a rooster that angry at the world needed to be a meatbagz representative. and, in one of our many (and long) meatbagz related phone conversations over vacation, mack and i nailed it:

off-with-their-headsi love it, and i love that mack even made us t-shirts out of it. i plan to wear mine to molly’s kindergarten round up this morning. all the other mothers are going to be sooooo jealous!

so look out, world, ready or not- here come the meatbagz!



  1. sooooo….where would one be able to get her hands on that sweet ass t-shirt? or is it just for the creators….? name your price.

    ps, I’m serious. well, maybe not the “name your price” part, but if they’re for sale, I would like to know… 🙂

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