Posted by: mrtweeds | April 24, 2009

another mother of the year moment

i’ve been in the running for quite awhile for mother of the year (decade, century, whatever). basically my name got put down the day scout fell off the chest that serves as our coffee table in 2007 and broke her collar bone.

the beauty of it is that after the initial panic i just thought it was a bad fall and that nothing major was wrong. and to be fair, our family doctor did do a quick examination a couple of days later at the library story hour and SHE thought scout was fine too.

so, being the awesome mother i am, life continued more or less as usual until we saw this bruise when we gave her a bath:


which was 3 days after the initial fall.



obviously at this point we packed her up, got x-rays, and she came home with a little (and pretty much useless) sling to keep her arm in until she healed.


i think it’s fairly obvious how awesomely i did in that situation.

and every once in awhile i have one of those days-one of those rare, lovely, wonderful days, where the stars align (against me) and remind me of just how awesome of a mother i can be.

for example, the other day i was changing bug’s diaper. which i do from time to time. and after i did this i stood him up. it was at this point he decided that it’d be a fun idea to simply throw himself backwards without any attempt to catch himself at all.

now, if i may interject something here-i have an issue with fingernails. i have freakishly long fingers, and i think because of this, i can’t stand long fingernails on myself. on other people i have no problems with them (unless they’re guinness book of world record length, which, frankly, is gross), but on me-nope. i quickly turn into freddy krueger and have to clip them as short as possible.

so- and yes, this is relevant to the story- i keep my nails short. like this:


now. here i am, with short nails, watching my son fling himself backward with reckless abandon.

so what do i do?

i grab at him.

which, for most people, is the best solution to the problem. BUT since i was having a “mother of the year” day, instead i got this:


a giant, angry, red scratch down his cheek from my pretty much non-existent fingernail.

and the accusing, accusing eyes of my boy.

ah, yes. it was one of those days.

thank goodness i’m usually just a regular mother, and very rarely reach mother of the year status. i don’t think i could handle it much more often than i already do.



  1. That’s the saddest face ever!

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