Posted by: mrtweeds | April 28, 2009

adventures in the minivan

i’ll never forget mack’s reaction when she had the suspicion that she was having twins: “i don’t WANT to have TWINS! i’ll have to get a MINIVAN!”

apologies to all the minivan lovers out there, but we all understood. unfortunately for mack, she was past the point of return and found out the next day at her ultrasound that she did indeed have twins growing in her belly.

and that she needed to trade in her element and get a minivan.

if only we could travel back in time and tell that distraught and pregnant mackenzie that she had THIS to look forward to, it may have taken the edge off:


o yes. over vacation we definitely loaded all the children up (and daisy decided to come along too)  in  ye olde minivan.

dance-partyand we totally had a dance party as we drove around town.

happy-daisyi think daisy enjoyed herself too.

minivans aren’t THAT bad. because this sure couldn’t have happened in my element.



  1. That’s a sweet ride!

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