Posted by: mrtweeds | May 4, 2009

a busy weekend and a surprise

this weekend we had a house guest, and her name was tara.

poor tara. she had no idea what she was getting in to.

but aside from sleeping on our couch, being awoken at the lazy hour of 630 a.m. every morning by scout, dealing with incredibly whiny and obnoxious children, unprecedented drama from various sources, and a rather short tempered me, i’m only left to assume that she had a great time!


and she got to take a ride in emy, mack’s convertible. which she declared was “pretty sweet.”

and the surprise of the weekend was heather’s surprise party! surprise!


yeah, we’re pretty sure she was surprised. plus we got to pat ourselves on the back because we were oh so clever with our faux birthday dinner earlier in the week to throw her off the track.

obviously we’re brilliant, scheming masterminds.


don’t we look like brilliant, scheming masterminds?*

*please note that we did not plan the party in any way, shape, or form, but we’re happy to take what little credit we can for keeping her confused.

but we all had a wonderful time and it was a great ending to tara’s visit. we ate, we drank, we laughed, we discussed meatbagz…it was a night to remember.


of course, this wasn’t technically the end of tara’s visit…she came home, spent another night on my couch, went out to breakfast with all of us where bug decided to repeatedly shove his plate across the table followed by a relaxing walk in town while scout screamed and cried because she wasn’t allowed to play in the park long enough.

then tara survived an hour long car ride to the airport where, when she finally made it to the security gate, she oddly enough did not look back as bug threw himself on the ground in an epic temper tantrum and scout loudly complained that she wanted to “go on an adventure” and why couldn’t she go on the plane with tara?

yeah, not a single glance back. in fact, i think i saw her shove a few people out of the way in order to get to the metal detectors a bit faster…

but that’s probably just my imagination.



  1. UGH, I AM SO UGLY. photoshop someone attractive over my picture PLEASE.

  2. you’re so not ugly, quit it. no self hating comments on the blog, yo!

  3. I SO looked back! I told you that and it’s true because I was able to recount what happened in the numberous times I DID look back! You just didn’t notice because you ran out of there so fast… I thought I heard “Quick! To the car before she decides to stay LONGER!!!!!”
    In all seriousness (if that’s ever possible with us) i had a BLAST! I always do and I know you don’t believe it but I really do like/LOVE coming to visit with you guys. You keep it real! 🙂 Anyway, photo shop me too in that second pic! I look like big old lady face! 🙂 and the convertable is KICK ASS!!!! 🙂 good time had by all!

  4. you should photoshop both of us and then photoshop madonnas face on you because of your massive pipes.

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