Posted by: mrtweeds | May 12, 2009

not for the weak of heart

i have to warn all you readers out there (you know, all 2 of you) that this post may be a bit…disconcerting. just know that no bugs were harmed in the taking of these photographs, okay? (i’m looking at you, mom). and lauren, please pay attention. i know you’re past the point of return, and not to scare you, but i want you to be prepared should your soon to be bug be anything like mine.

god help us all.

so. i just have to state for the record that i had no idea what we were in for that fateful day (valentine’s day during one of the worst blizzards you’ve ever seen and also during which my midwife berated us up and down for driving in that weather “what are you doing here?!?! what do you mean, you weren’t going to reschedule? I WOULD HAVE DONE THE ULTRASOUND MYSELF FOR YOU TOMORROW! YOU’RE CRAZY!”) when we saw on the ultrasound the very definite proof that bug was all boy.

and, for today’s example of this ultimate boy-ness, the fact that bug has discovered (and been allowed to use) the slide far, far earlier than scout ever did/was. and he’s loving every minute of it.

on the way

behold, the look of pure ecstasy, joy, and exhilaration on his little face. never mind the fact that he figured out how to climb all the way up there on his own, but that he’s more than willing to hop on to that bright yellow slide and push off willy-nilly…yeah, that’s when you start to worry.

or maybe you start to worry when you see this through the camera:

going down


please pay attention to the look of terror on his face. oh, wait-there is no look of terror, only more pure, unadulterated joy. kind of like his sister, who is obviously very concerned for her baby brother’s well being. oh, wait again-they are both loving every second of this.

and, despite the feeling of imminent disaster this photograph gives, let me assure you that he landed safely (and laughing hysterically).

i’m left to assume that he took my desperate pleas to “please PLEASE slow down” to heart when he ran back to the ladder and climbed up for another go.


ah, yes, things seem to be going better this time around. everyone breathe a big sigh of relief.

not okay



oddly enough still okay

and yes, i probably am in the running for yet another best mother of the year award for taking this photo, but hey. i was all in at this point. and you know what? upon landing, he looked at me, i looked at him, and…he once again burst into hysterical laughter.

and i felt 10 more white hairs sprout out of my head.

another round

and this time as he darted back to the ladder as fast as his little legs could carry him, giggling the whole way, i begged, i pleadedplease! please, bug, please take it easy! your old mother can’t take it! slow down!”

i’m not sure he heard me over his laughter, but then again, he did go down the next time like this:


maybe there’s a little hope after all?



  1. i love how you kept snapping the photos as he tumbled forward.

  2. Best. Pictures. Ever.

  3. I was actually expecting to see pictures of his scraped face from yesterday’s fall down the steps at preschool (from which I haven’t fully recovered.) Glad I didn’t see this in person. All I can say is, good luck.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY love this kid.
    (This is, of course, very easy for me to say while I am currently only the mother to a princess-loving little girl who hates to get dirty…thanks for the warning. I am taking it to heart. Especially after this post. Oh man. Oh, Oh man.)

  5. YES. And why do I suspect that Molly was cackling in the background?

  6. OMG!!!!! I can’t believe he didn’t snap his little arm in half! Ditto on what Lauren said, love the bug! (and Molly of course!!) dude, I’ve seen those pre-school steps…how many did he fall down?!?!

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