Posted by: mrtweeds | May 18, 2009

i’m at that point

i’ve recently decided that i’m at that point in my life where i want to live vicariously through others in regards to certain things.

and yes, i will narrow that down for you a bit.

i’m interested in living vicariously through others when it comes to fun stuff that comes with attached not so fun added responsibility. make sense?

for example, a couple very dear friends (who unfortunately live far away from me) just had babies last week-miss meg had a beautiful girl while miss lauren had a beautiful boy. and what i would love to do (if distance didn’t stop me) is hang out all day in their homes, be that benevolent friend who says “why don’t you go take a nap? no, really, you should rest. don’t worry,  i’ll take care of the baby!” and hold and snuggle with said baby for hours and hours and hours…

and then leave.

because that way i can go home to my house completely full of baby goodness and get a good and full night’s sleep without aaaannnnyyyyy of the not so fun newborn baby stuff, like no sleep, a post labor recovery, regular dr’s appointments and the general worry that comes with being a new parent (even if it’s the second time around).

this also goes for pets, which is why i’m extra specially glad that mack adopted an adorable new dog (and luckily she lives 10 minutes away, which means that i get to go to her house and visit)


and then get to sit back and watch while she takes her out every half hour.

oh, curry, why must your bladder be as adorably small as the rest of you?

anyway, in celebration of the new addition to a family that IS close enough for me to visit, we all decided to take a walk in town together.

on a walk

scout was at school, which is why she does not appear in any of these photos, in case you were wondering. which i’m sure you were.

follow the leader

and while taking a walk with three two year olds and a small dog (who apparently is less than fond of trucks) was slightly…busy, we did have fun.

just walkin

hannah proved she was the girl of the group by carrying her bucket/purse oh so daintily down the sidewalk.

confronting the dandelion

bug confronted many dandelions before viciously pulling off their heads.

and will? well, will did what he does best: will kept everyone in line.


including me.

here’s looking forward to many more adventures, both big and small, with both big and small babies and dogs.

that i am not responsible for.



  1. I like that picture of Finn by himself, he looks tough! 🙂 dogs and babies are great. I miss Lauren too and want to visit them.

  2. sexyback

  3. Could those kids be any cuter together!? I want Scarlett to be friends with all of them…she walks around with her bucket too (when it’s not on her head) – she’d fit in perfectly.
    You know…I’ve always wanted to start a baby and puppy farm – where babies and puppies can frolic and play on hills of green grass just like they were always meant to do…and people can pay a nominal fee to watch and smile at them. I seriously think it’d make tons of money. You in? We’ve already got a good collection of both.

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