Posted by: mrtweeds | May 22, 2009

a tale of a table (and two chairs)

once upon a time, we bought (okay, i bought) a table at the church yard sale for $3.50.

and it was kind of…shaky. shaky, but useable.

that was quite awhile ago.

long ago

see that table in the corner, piled with scout’s second birthday gifts?

i’m sorry, hold on-look at scout. that was only 3 years ago. that’s mind blowingly insane.

anyway, moving on.

that table…well, it didn’t quite make it. pretty soon it was in a large number of pieces with lots of rusty nails sticking out of it. and i, being the hoarder i am, refused to let william toss it out. because deep down there was still a great little table there, right? RIGHT?


enter my father, who just did some master carpentry work on some tables for the sunday school…and enter me, nonchalantly saying “heeeeey, those look great. you know, that reminds me…I’VE got a little table that could use some tlc….”

and this is what he did:


and you know what? not only does it look fantastic, it won’t injure anyone if they touch it, either!

but wait-we’re not done. oh, not by a long shot.

my parents also had these two yellow chairs (also snagged from a long ago church sale, i believe) and while they were functional, they weren’t up to the decorative standard our table now is. and my mother, resourceful woman that she is, had the perfect solution.

a shower curtain (it was a fabric shower curtain, so don’t get nervous).

and i say “was” because after a little bit of this action:


that lowly old shower curtain turned into this:

not too shabby

two adorable (if i do say so myself) slip covers for the backs of said chairs, pleated and gathered to perfection.

and the best part of the story?

table and two chairs

everyone lived happily ever after…and stopped growing up so fast.



  1. A makeover worthy of being featured in Country Home for sure (if only it were still being published, may it rest in peace)….

  2. chairs and table look FABULOUS! 🙂 love it! and they will always grow up too fast. Mia will be a year! today was actually my sister’s orginal due date. That little stinker decided to join us two weeks later though.

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