Posted by: mrtweeds | June 8, 2009

happy birthday (and viva la fruit punch)

this weekend was mack’s 30th birthday-happy  birthday!-and there was of course a party. a fabulous, fabulous party, thrown at her mother’s house, with lots of fabulous presents, lots of fabulous people, and fabulous fun. rainbow

but i’m not going to talk about that. i’m not even going to talk about the fabulous gardens in mack’s mom’s backyard, which made me jealous beyond words.

garden angels 2

nope. i’m not going to talk about that either.

because what i’m going to talk about is far, far more important:

the effects of fruit punch on a 4 year old.

punch and flowers

oh yes, scout has officially discovered the  joys of hawaiian punch. and boy, did she enjoy it. all 2 1/2 cans of it (that i know of).

oh my

rory did too, but, having had this delightful beverage before (and not having the insane sugar rush that scout was apparently having), he didn’t go quite as overboard.

monsters in action

luckily he’s one of those kids who is very willing to go with the flow.

but i think her feelings were expressed clearly when, as i asked them to stand for a photo, she raised her haiwaiian fruit punch can over her head and declared for the world to hear:






  1. Is Molly in your friend’s backyard or at a NASCAR race?

  2. Umm…no words. Just…no words.

  3. I can’t stop laughing! priceless!

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