Posted by: mrtweeds | June 10, 2009

reminders of the good stuff

when i painted the dining room last week, i was forced to actually pay attention to many things that we’d been living with and, in the end, ignoring. most of it was clutter which i was then required to either toss or find a real place for, but some of it was much more exciting.

like these:


we have an absolutely amazing collection of crystal stemware, thanks to my grandparents (and to my parents, who didn’t lay claim to it first). it’s been residing in the dining room hutch, in plain sight, for years, and yet i hadn’t noticed it in quite awhile.

after emptying the hutch and moving it in order to paint behind it, and washing and drying each glass  by hand…you can bet i noticed every single piece then. i noticed the very detailed etching, the beautiful ring they sound when clinked together, and the amazing way the sun sparkled through them as they waited patiently to go back to their safe home.


and even though i still will not use them on a regular basis out of terror pf them getting broken, i do stop and notice-and admire them-when i walk by.

and if you ask me, that reminder to pay attention to just how much good stuff surrounds me is worth the work of the new paint job.



  1. I LOVE those classes, so beautiful!

  2. I meant to write GLASSES not classes….even those classes are beautiful too! 🙂

  3. The glasses are just lovely….please use them…I have learned that there is no reason to SAVE beautiful things – so use and enjoy, and if one gets broken, “oh well”, it adds to the memory of using them. What is the purpose of just letting them sit? I use my grandmother’s depression stemware all the time and can happily say that I think of her often because of it!

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