Posted by: mrtweeds | June 15, 2009

graduation day

we had a very special occasion last friday-scout officially graduated from pooh’s corner preschool.

as in she is now a preschool graduate.

which means she is VERY interested in announcing that she graduated to everyone she knows (or doesn’t).

the ceremony was of course adorable-when you have a large batch of 4 and 5 year olds in cardboard mortarboards, how can it not be? but before everyone received their diplomas, the parents and assorted family members were all treated to special “forest friends” songs about various animals.

molly was a deer.


she wore antlers and did the can can.

and she had the entire audience cracking up.

but then we moved on to the serious stuff, and scout in her little graduation cap with her little corsage…yeah. it won’t be something that will soon be forgotten.

waiting for her turn

it was, of course, impossible to get a good photo, what with a gazillion*(*approximate number) other parents all jockeying for position to get pictures of their little ones, but i think william did a great job  (i was in charge of the video camera and i haven’t checked to see how dizzy it will make me from the jiggling).


they received an official diploma, a hand sewn bag to carry their books in, pencils for kindergarten, and big hugs from all of the teachers.

so long poohs corner

and after the graduation we had treats and “fuzzy drinks” (fruit punch and ginger ale), said goodbye and thank you to all the teachers, and, as we left, posed for one last picture. and what is she saying instead of “cheese”?



she’s ready for the world-but is the world ready for her?



  1. Hooray. Those pictures turned out well considering what I gave you. She looks so grown up…

  2. Molly looks SO grown-up!

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