Posted by: mrtweeds | June 22, 2009

everyone loves a parade

especially when they’re IN it.

this year scout was invited to dance with her dance class in the whipple city days parade. what are whipple city days, you may ask? well, basically they’re  an annual festival that starts off with a giant parade, which officially opens the things up. we’ve got carnival food booths, animals from local farms (exotic animals like reindeer and emus. no heifers here, baby…save those for the fair), craft tents, horse and wagon rides, and local musical all camped out in the parks in the center of town. it’s quite the to-do, i assure you.

but, needless to say, this year the most exciting thing was by far the parade. which may have had something to do with a very serious 4 year old who danced and marched along like this:


perhaps the best thing about this photo is the other little girl, who obviously can’t figure out what the heck scout is up to. she was not impressed, but the bystanders sure were. clapping, laughter-yeah, she was a hit.

and what was bug’s take on the entire situation? well, let’s see…

bug's heaven

with the bagpipers, fire trucks, and horse riders, it was pretty much a little slice of heaven for him.


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