Posted by: mrtweeds | June 30, 2009

gotta love the ladies

yet another post from my trip to wood bull…i’ve still got so many photos to wade through, but here are a few of my favorite ladies who we came across.

a bird pooped on me layer

i liked this lady because she looks disgusted that a bird pooped on her shoulder. i can’t say that i blame her, but my mother always said that i shouldn’t make faces or my face could stick that way…since this lady is made of rock, it’s kind of unfortunate for her that she got caught with that face.

a necklace of grass layer

miss stoic here seems more at ease with her environment. in fact, she downright owns that necklace made of grass she’s sporting. i like her style.

bored and comforting with layer

and i’m not sure what struck me about these two, but i love them. they look tragic and bored and comforting all at once.

and i would like them to live in my garden, please.


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