Posted by: mrtweeds | July 6, 2009

second child syndrome

as a second child, i can readily admit to holding my grudges-my brother’s larger than life poster of himself over his bunk bed, the year i had to sing “happy birthday” to myself because my parents forgot (to sing the song-i was eating my cake at the time, surrounded by a rather sizable pile of presents), and, of course, the usual “how come HE gets to…” followed by the calm and rational “because he’s OLDER”. that stuff always left a mark.

but i’d like to state for the record that i forgave my parents for all that scarring emotional trauma approximately 1 year and 368 days ago (give or take). was it because i had reached a state of zen, had unlocked the key to pure happiness, or suddenly transcended the bounds of drama?

nope. it was because as soon as bug arrived i realized that there actually is a huge difference between the way a first and second child is treated, and that’s okay. life is a lot more complicated with 2, and best intentions aside, there’s no way around being human, even if you are a parent.

which became clear to me again this week when i realized that bug’s 2nd birthday is only 3 days away, instead of 10 days away.

i really thought i had another week to prepare.

whoops. sorry, bug.

but even though i will be scrambling this week to get the house, presents, cake, and food ready, you know what? it’s all good. because 2 years ago today i looked like this:


and no matter how stressed i get, i will not be constantly waiting, waiting, waiting for it all to start, i will not be suffering through contractions, and i will not be giving birth to a 10 lb, 2 oz baby followed immediately by sleepless nights and countless newborn diapers and doctor’s appointments.

i will be relaxing at the end of it all with a nice, chilled glass of white wine, knowing that i have two wonderful children who are very much their own people, and who, for at least the moment, love their crazy mother wholeheartedly, flaws and all.



  1. was this a demi moore moment?

  2. (This post could not have come at a better time. Thank you.)
    I can’t wait to read about Bug’s big 0-2!

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