Posted by: mrtweeds | July 7, 2009

it’s that time of year

for whatever reason, we are consistent in this: when a birthday or significant “get together” event approaches, we jump into a big house project.

one year, it was this, just in time for scout’s birthday.

this year, as bug’s big day quickly creeps up on us, we decided (after only 7 years of ignoring it) that it was finally time to deal with a nagging house upkeep issue that we’d been doing our best to ignore since we moved in.

oh, our poor, poor decks.

we’re blessed with two of them, you see: our back deck, or our “sunrise” deck, and our front deck, or “sunset” deck. nice how that works out, isn’t it? and we’d avoided cleaning, re-staining, and whatever other maintenance they’d required all this time. until they looked like this:


looking at the photograph now they just seem absurdly dirty and beat. but hey-when you’re living with them, they didn’t seem that bad, really! kind of like my laugh lines and white hairs. there they are, oh well, sign of a life well lived, right?

well, not in the world of decks. apparently you’re supposed to do this thing called “upkeep”. a bit of a foreign concept to me, but we finally bit the bullet and started staining them again this weekend after multiple scrubbings, power washings, and “oh my gosh there’s actual wood under all the grime”-ings.

and what we got is this:


and even some of this:


and, of course, quite a bit of this:

dirty work

we’re steadily plugging away on the sunrise deck, and every time we stand back and look at our handy work, we’re seriously impressed with what a good coat of stain can do.soon we’ll be done (fingers crossed) and we’ll move on to the sunset deck, which is considerably smaller and much, much easier. we’ll be done in no time at all, i’m sure.

and you know what? when bug’s 9th birthday rolls around we may just be finding ourselves doing the exact same thing, whether it needs it or not. because that’s the type of people we are.


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