Posted by: mrtweeds | July 8, 2009

things i love…wednesday?

no, i haven’t (once again) lost track of the days of the week, but since bug’s big day is tomorrow, i’m bumping up things i love thursday. so, without further adieu, this special edition of things i love wednesday…

ready for my closeup

bee balm.

i love this flower not just because we have loads of it, not just because i think of my grandfather planting it when i look at it out my kitchen window, and not just because it reminds me of a simpsons character.

i also love it because it attracts lots and lots of these:

hummingbird 2

and i apologize for the crappy photo, but it was during a rainstorm through my kitchen window.

also, it turns out hummingbirds are remarkably fast and rather difficult to capture on film.

but thanks to our bee balm, i get to watch them contentedly zipping  from flower to flower on a regular basis, and honestly, i just love that.


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