Posted by: mrtweeds | July 10, 2009

being two is SWEET!

bug had a wonderful birthday yesterday, and would like to extend a sincere and sweet “dank yeewwww!” to everyone that wished him well. and while we aren’t scheduled to have his full blown party until sunday, we couldn’t let the big day pass without a little celebration of our own.

plus, i convinced william that he really needed to go to the cookie factory and get some cupcakes.


they make really awesome cupcakes. how can you not love an oscar the grouch cupcake with a cookie for a garbage can lid? you can’t, that’s how.

bug, however, went for the classic cookie monster cupcake. but he wasn’t jerky about it, he was very polite.

can i“hello, cupcake. can i eat you for my birthday treat? i can? why dank yeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!”


“i choose to do so as if you were an ice cream cone!”

and of course, we had presents. and luckily after two years of living with bug we have a pretty good idea of what he would like.

for example, if i were to ask you what’s better than a brand new dump truck to a 2 year old boy named finnegan, what would your answer be?

what could be better

if you answered a dump truck with a monster truck in the back, then you’d be absolutely right! what could be better?


nope. not even a banjo.

good try, though.



  1. i want to go to the cookie factory.

  2. those cupcakes look ABULOUS!!!!! 🙂 And SUPER cute!

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