Posted by: mrtweeds | July 22, 2009

heeeere, fishy fishy…

we’ve been inundated with water lately: sprinklers, swimming lessons, the lake…and while bug is not at all sure about getting sprayed by the sprinkler, and is not old enough to take lessons, we can all rest easy knowing that he’s figured out how to properly enjoy the lake.

and that is by fishing.

here fishy

and his preferred mode of fishing involves an absurdly tiny fishing pole (which, to be fair, is just his size), an absurdly large plastic hook (which, to be fair, i love since it means i don’t have to deal with worms or actual caught fish), and floating out as far as mama will let him in the boating tube.

contemplating the fish

and despite the fact that he doesn’t like wading in deeper than his waist, he seems to have no qualms about floating out into the middle of the lake (okay, close enough…he’s only 2 after all, people) and trying to catch that big one.

still nothing

those fish are wiley, though. they are not easily fooled by that gigantic, plastic, bright orange hook.

willing to keep trying

but you know what? luckily for all of us, the boy is willing to keep trying.


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