Posted by: mrtweeds | August 4, 2009

good to get away.

obviously i love my children, my husband, my home…but it’s also really good to get away every once in awhile, even if “away” only means a 10 minute drive to the lake that i’ve spent nearly every summer of my life.

big sky

obviously, life could be much, much worse.

three broads

and of course, having heather and mackenzie there to join in the relaxation didn’t hurt either. we went to see “harry potter”, we drove around in the convertible, we got mildly sunburned, and we rocked out to some awesome music. oh, and we wore our cowboy hats, which is pretty much our uniform at this point.


and after our day exploring lake george and the surrounding areas on saturday, we returned to the lake and mixed up some delicious margaritas, which we then sipped on the dock before (and during…and after…) taking a swim. oh, and we also had cannonball competitions off the raft, which i totally won. just sayin’.

grill master

mack was the grill master while heather mixed up some killer guacamole, and together with a couple of salads (and another margarita or two), we dined in style.

guac and chips

and that night we hung out, talked, laughed, and played a hearty round of “twilight-the board game” which was pretty much as amazing as you’d imagine it to be (read: REALLY amazing).

it was a fabulous weekend.

quiet morning

and when you wake up to a silent lake in the morning after a long and wonderful night with friends (and a few margaritas), it’s really hard not to look at the world in a more positive light.

it’s also really hard not to miss all of the wonderfulness above  after you leave, but that just makes us look forward all the more to next year.



  1. AWESOME!!!! 🙂

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