Posted by: mrtweeds | August 7, 2009

i’m a winner!!

i have a number of blogs i follow, mostly just lurking in the corners and rarely commenting. and it’s even more rare for me to enter a contest…i just feel too exposed, and i never win anyway.


i discovered this lovely little blog a month or two ago when they featured our “cuts of tea” bag and have been following them ever since: Put the Tea Kettle On. i have to admit, they had me with the name alone.

but imagine my wonder, surprise, amazement, joy, and curiosity when, after a fit of courage, i not only entered, but WON a give away they were hosting and i subsequently received this in the mail:


YES. it is what i have been waiting for all of my life. TEA CANDY. and considering i was sitting in the heat and humidity wishing i had tea but not wanting to boil water to make any (or go the patient route and make some iced tea) mere moments before this appeared in my mailbox, well. obviously it was meant to be.

so thank you again, Tea Kettle! i’m not sure which is more exciting to me-the fact that i won a giveaway or the fact that i now have some delicious hard candy which tastes like my favorite beverage.

okay, it’s totally the candy.



  1. Now if you will just send us $50 to cover shipping and handling we will send you the grand prize -an all expense paid vacation to Easton.

  2. Glad you like it so much! Now that we gave it all away I need to stock up some more!

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