Posted by: mrtweeds | August 10, 2009

zucchini fest ’09-success!

i was first introduced to the west stockbridge zucchini festival a few years ago, and i can honestly say i’ve never seen anything like it before or since. it’s…well, it’s the zucchini festival. and this year it was all the better because meatbagz had a booth!

but before i get into that, i’m going to ease you into it…starting with the zucchini festival pet parade.

uke dog

obviously even the dogs of west stockbridge are proud of their zucchini.

mackenzie and a sheep

and our beautiful friend mackenzie (of no relation to meatbagz mackenzie…who, i think, needs to be referred to as “meatbagz mackenzie” from this point forward), who marched in the parade with a pet sheep. i never did ask who’s sheep it was, but o well. i’ll assume she came by it honestly.

mack workin the meatbagz booth

and, of course, the meatbagz booth. here we see meatbagz mackenzie making the pitch. she’s got the field bagz pitch down. i covered the “special edition” zucchini meatbagz and colored totes.

we make a good team.

zuke hat

did i mention that part of the zucchini festival is crazy hats with zucchini on them? because it is. please note the zucchini sticking off the top of this hat.

it makes perfect sense…at least at the zucchini festival.


there are also non-zucchini hats available for those who are less daring.

or who happen to be more dog oriented.

molly and zuke

there is also face painting.

and zucchini decorating.

and a zucchini baking contest (the winner was a zucchini whoopie pies, and they were amazing), zucchini catapults, zucchini fries, and a zucchini information booth. they didn’t give out information about zucchini, just about the festival. but still, it was shaped like a giant zucchini, so it worked.

meatbagz girlz

and meanwhile, meatbagz seems to have found a new employee. we didn’t hire her, exactly, but scout spent some time yelling “HEY! BUY SOME MEATBAGZ!” at innocent passerby for absolutely no pay at all. she’s obviously  a real go-getter (and being hyped up on ice cream didn’t hurt, either).

but despite her rather aggressive sales technique, we still did great-selling 20 bagz and 2 t-shirts. we definitely went home happy!

ah, the zucchini festival. you welcomed meatbagz mackenzie and me  with open arms, and we can’t wait to see you again next year.


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