Posted by: mrtweeds | August 18, 2009

little bug, big bed

well, the time has come-we are officially cribless. this weekend we moved bug into his big boy bed, and honestly, he couldn’t be happier.

little bug big bed

first, of course, he had to check it out, but anything with cars and trucks on it is pretty much an immediate hit. he was very excited about the cars and trucks.

sleep little bug

and, of course, snuggling with sharky is also very important. we do want to make sure that everyone is comfy, after all.

and after everything is checked out and approved, well…

oh boy

it might just be necessary to be a total goofball for a little while. after all, one moves into a brand new big boy bed only so often, right?




  1. We had moved Scarlett to a toddler bed when she was 18 months, and then she started climbing out of it at 3am – every night – and sprinting down the hallway screaming like she was on fire – every night. Joe and I were having heart attacks – every night. We moved her back to her crib. Now she’s figured out how to climb out of her crib “like a big girl.” Oh man. We are in so much trouble with this one. Finn is motivating me though. I think some princess girl bedding might be in Scarlett’s near future. Ahh bribery.

  2. my only advice: lots of princess bedding and make a huge deal about it. also, child gate across her bedroom door? both m and f somehow stayed in bed, but that was/is our back up.

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