Posted by: mrtweeds | August 19, 2009

we here at meatbagz have very high standards

we’ve been feeling a bit stale over at the meatbagz factory (snicker), and we’ve decided that we want to revamp our photo taking.  sure, our photos are okay, but they’re just kind of…ordinary. and meatbagz are anything but ordinary.

so the other night we decided to get ourselves set for a photo shoot in saratoga. we had the camera charged, the bagz packed, and numerous ideas for shots. everything was in order.

and then it started to pour.

so we decided to retreat to the coffee shop, and by the time the rain stopped (and we’d finished our tea and coffee) it was pitch dark out. but not to be discouraged, we soldiered on. and we did get some good shots (which you can see in the shop) but the real fun was in the shots that did not make the cut.

tea not so much

we had a lot of these. we all sort of had trouble not laughing hysterically. which is generally how we operate.


and then, of course, we have the “i’m going to nonchalantly stand by this pretty twinkly light tree while people walk by and wonder what the hell i’m doing” shot. i’m obviously taking my job very seriously.

who me

we of course quickly discovered that with the flash it made all of our shots look like they were taken by the paparrazzi.


and things quickly got out of control.

excuse me officer

luckily, the local law enforcement was understanding about our predicament and stepped in to calm things down.


but somehow, despite our many trials and tribulations, we managed to get some shots, at least. but most importantly, we had a lot of fun. and THAT, ladies and gents, is indeed what meatbagz are all about.



  1. meatbagz! oh how i have missed you both. how are you doing? dandy by the looks of your photos1

  2. we are doing well! you? i’ve been following your blog, but not commenting (obviously). how goes etsy for you? we’ve been insanely slow, which is annoying, but we’ve had some luck at local craft fairs etc.

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