Posted by: mrtweeds | August 24, 2009

one down…

yesterday we journeyed to the deep, dark recesses of a whole other state (massachusetts) for the first of scout’s birthday parties. because the majority of family members live in mass, and not in ny, we started doing a big party there for here, then a smaller party here. well, this year we’ve got the whole “kids’ party” thing thrown into the mix, so she’s gonna have a whole lotta parties, but somehow she doesn’t seem to mind to much.

and all this before she actually turns 5 this thursday. sheesh.

but the party, generously thrown by william’s parents, was definitely a hit (and we definitely appreciated not having to do the work ourselves).


there were of course presents. lots of presents.

even bug got a few belated birthday presents, which he greatly appreciated:

belated bug

and a lot of folks appreciated seeing him in his little glasses, too. the word hadn’t traveled yet that he’d gotten them, so it was understandable that they got quite a kick out of them.


of course there was cake-little mermaid cake-and that of course leads to…



yeah. that very well may end up being the thank you note photo, but only time will tell.

what do they put in the blue frosting to dye children’s skin blue so freaking quickly? never mind, i’m sure i don’t want to know.

sorry ariel

new toys were played with (sometimes with permission, sometimes not-ariel got a good dunking in the barbie pool without molly’s knowledge, and she was less than pleased. bug, however was definitely much more than pleased and thought it was hysterical).

arts and crafts

there were arts and crafts with some of the younger cousins,

quiet contemplation

and, i think by the end of the day, pretty much everyone realized just how lucky this almost 5 year old really is.



  1. Happy Birthday Molly!

    (sidenote – where did you get Finn’s hat????)

  2. h&m-and i’m told they even have robot shoes as well!

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