Posted by: mrtweeds | August 31, 2009

and we’re done. FINALLY.

i must admit that i feel relieved that scout’s extended birthday extravaganza is over. next year things will be simplified. i swear.

but one last post about it, then i’ll put a lid on it.  i think the extended birthday posts feel almost as drawn out as the parties at this point, but i have to record scout’s first ever “kid party” for future generations, afterall.

open up

despite the rain, the lack of guests (and disturbing lack of rsvp’s-thanks, folks, for the phone calls), and general worry we had about throwing her her first kids’ party with exactly 2 friends coming over, everyone had a blast. it was actually a very nice, mellow party.


they popped balloons, looking for the magical blue ribbons that meant they got a prize.

pin the crown

they played a hastily constructed game of “pin the crown on the princess” (drawn up first thing in the morning when i awoke to see the rain pouring down and realizing that my dreams of letting everyone run around outside for 2 hours were not to be and we definitely needed more than one balloon popping game).


and you know what? they did pretty darn good with it, too. thankfully both boys were more than willing to play such a girly game. in fact, the pink crown was matthew’s. he picked it out.


and the rain did let up enough to do the pinanta at the end of the party, so it all worked out.

so, this draws to a close the 8 millionth post about the 8 millionth party celebrating molly’s 5 year birthday.

hallelujah, amen.


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