Posted by: mrtweeds | September 4, 2009

getting ready for the big day

yesterday we had the opportunity to go and visit molly’s kindergarten classroom…which, as it turns out, is the very classroom in which i attended kindergarten.

and that made me feel happy.

and old.

of course, it’s significantly nicer than when i was there. they have a smart board, for heaven’s sake. and way better toys. although i did love the cardboard bricks that we could build forts out of. those rocked.


anyway, the first thing she got to do was pick out her very own cubby. she was much more excited about it than this picture makes it seem, but she was less than excited about me making her stop and have her photo taken. she’ll have to get used to it-mothers do these things.

delivering supplies

we delivered supplies to the various stations around the room and got to explore all the fun stuff mrs. lyons has. i’m telling you, this was a fun kindergarten classroom. and they even have a door straight out to the playground! can you beat that? no, no you can’t.

her room

and wait, what’s that over there? hmmm, is she distracted by the computers? the kitchen set? the dolls? the math toys?



that would be the book selection. which she then insisted on sitting down and reading, ignoring everything else in the room (including the refreshment table, miraculously enough).

and you know if a classroom has that many books at her disposal that the girl is going to be just fine.



  1. It should take roughly a week for Molly to go through the books in the bins. Maybe a lot less depending on how much free time she has.

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