Posted by: mrtweeds | September 18, 2009

it’s almost like…WORK!

we’ve been very busy in ye olde meatbagz shop lately. i’m not quite sure what’s gotten into us, but the creative juices are flowin’ (i know, kind of gross, right?) and meatbagz is a growin’ (definitely gross! and yet infinitely amusing…but it may just be the head cold talking now).

mack and i were having one of our many tele-conferences yesterday (read: we were bored and talking on the phone) and we both admitted that we’ve been so busy that the shop almost seems like…dare we say it? yes, we dare: a real job.

everyone with real jobs, feel free to laugh in our faces while punching us.

after 3 and a half

but seriously, we had a ton of success with our free worldwide shipping sale last weekend, we’ve got halloween bagz, are actively putting together bagz for the holidays, put together a custom order, and why, we sold seven (7!) bags just yesterday!

trick 2

we’ve also gotten our very own meatbagz p.o. box (if nothing else, it’s worth it for the entertainment value), expanding into t-shirts, we’re also exploring using vintage army/navy bags, both canvas and leather.

so between the post office runs, the photoshoots, the brainstorming, the screen printing, hand painting, heat setting, bag washing, and promoting…o yes, the shop has been busy.

pig shirt

oh, and there are kids to take care of, too.

and when we stop and ask ourselves whether or not it’s all worth it (as every working person is wont to do now and then), you know what?

green cow1

it definitely is.


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