Posted by: mrtweeds | September 28, 2009

rough and ready

this weekend was the town harvest festival, which is a long standing tradition in our little almost new england town (read: the local merchants, desperate for some business a few years ago, came up with it and it has been held with varying degrees of success ever since), and with the harvest fest comes the old rough and ready.


the rough and ready was the name of the town’s original fire department, and now there’s a museum that opens approximately twice a year in the old town hall to show off the relics of a by-gone era.

i can’t remember the last time i actually went into the building (which, in my defense, is open approximately twice a year, remember), but my best guess is about 25 years ago.

which makes me feel old.

but my mind hasn’t failed me completely, because i remember the ladder trucks and assorted fire fighting paraphernalia from my youth quite clearly.

i didn’t know that the old courthouse was on the upper floor, however, and that was quite a cool discovery.

court is in session

while we explored the, scout took the opportunity to straighten us out on a few finer points of her upbringing.


as far as courtrooms go, i’ve seen much worse. not that i spend a whole lot of time hanging around in court rooms, mind you, but i do enjoy an episode of “law and order” now and again, that’s all i’m saying…

down time

but of course, all work and no play makes the town’s founding fathers dull boys, and apparently to stave that threat off they took to card playing in their down time.

play it again

they also had an impressively carved piano, because after all, what’s a game of cards without some music?

not to give the impression that the town was put together by a bunch of layabouts.  when they did actually do work, they needed somewhere to throw all those horrible outlaws, and the jail was conveniently located in the basement.


which is where we told the kids that they also put naughty children.

granted, they seemed pretty unfazed, but you never know…this could come in handy someday, now that we know it’s there.



  1. It’s very embarrassing to admit this, but I never knew there was a courthouse upstairs, either (which probably explains why you didn’t). It looks pretty impressive.

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