Posted by: mrtweeds | September 30, 2009

and we shall christen her “meatbagz”.

yesterday was a very exciting day here at the farm: our meatbagz workshop officially opened.

in all honestly, i kind of wondered when i suggested this move whether or not, in the end, it would just feel like we were hanging out in the sun porch. but you know what? it doesn’t. it feels like a real, live meatbagz workshop, and that’s pretty awesome.


so, on our first official day of working in our workshop, we got right down to it. mack, excited that she’s no longer screen printing in her dark basement, went nuts on all the vampire bagz we had to make.

organize this

i organized. we have a lot of blank bagz, getting ready for the holidays and hopefully a craft show or two, and yesterday they all found a nice, new home.


will, recognizing a lost cause when he sees one, graciously helped with the organization. what can i say? the kid’s got a gift, and i will happily abuse that gift, until he’s old enough to say “i demand fair wages and health insurance.”

and when that day comes he’s out the door.

granted, we still have a few kinks to work out, but i can honestly say that we’re really excited to be up and running.


well, most of us are, anyway.


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