Posted by: mrtweeds | October 7, 2009

yo yo

my mother came home with another treasure from the farm attic the other day-a giant bag full of yo yos.

we immediately started to walk the dog, hang the moon, and whip them around our heads as some sort of weapon.
just kidding. it wasn’t  that kind of yo yo,  it was this kind:

close up

hundreds and hundreds of yo yos for a yo yo quilt. it’s amazing.


the majority of them have been sewn into 12″ wide by, oh, i don’t know, 4′ or 5′ long (?) strips, obviously in preparation to make the quilt. the hours and hours and hours this all must have taken kind of make me want to curl up in a little ball and cry. and here i count myself a success if i remember to brush both kids’ teeth twice a day and toss in a load of laundry.

there’s also a huge bunch of loose yo yos, which i have a plan for. yes, i do. but it does not involve spending the next 40 years of my life making into a quilt-even if there’s one already 7/8ths of the way done for me.


our theory is that my great-grandmother most likely was the one to work on these, using scraps of fabric from every source imaginable. the patience the woman must have had boggles the mind.


she even took the trouble to string some together-she was using the purple as borders, effectively making the design look like quilt squares.

and one of the coolest things? i found a little treasure when i was sorting through all of this:


her thimble. obviously she never got around to finishing this massive project (i can’t imagine how long it took her to do all this work), but it was kind of neat to come across her thimble, tossed in with all of her hard work.

and now i’m off to pop in a pop tart for a nice, homemade breakfast, microwave myself a cup of tea (who has the energy to actually boil the water on the stove?), and sit around in my pajamas all day, pleased with how much i’ve managed to accomplish. maybe i’ll even remember to brush the kids’ teeth.


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