Posted by: mrtweeds | October 16, 2009

mission yo yo: accomplished

remember the project i hinted at in this post?

ta da!


i framed (some of) those yo yos! obviously most people would never have thought of such an innovative and amazing use for quilt yo yos in a million years, but then again,  i’m not most people.

seriously, though, i do like the way it came out. i did two layers so the fabric base behind them didn’t show through. it comes out looking like a very interesting abstract image, all colors and texture and colors and texture.

detaili like that it both highlights the detail and also washes it out a bit, so instead of focusing on one single piece you see a whole collection.

that being said, it was a lot of work laying them down and finding the right color choices, and the entire time i was thinking how much more work it would be to make the darn things in the first place!

up next-a yo yo garland?

but not for awhile.

i’m kind of sick of looking at loose yo yos.



  1. Beautiful! And the frame is perfect for it. Your great-grandmother would be proud of you for sure.

  2. Does this make you a yo-yo ma ?

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