Posted by: mrtweeds | November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

okay, so apparently it’s already november, but we celebrated the heck out of halloween this weekend. and by “celebrated the heck out of”, i mean we went trick or treating in the rain. but for us, that’s saying something.


this halloween thing has been going on for awhile: we marched in the town  parade last weekend, which was both exhausting and fun (for all involved). scout was a “sorceress”

did you know sorceresses had horns? apparently they do. horns and tridents. and they like to hang out with g.i. joe:

molly and rory

she really enjoyed getting into character.

bug was a dragon.

little bug big truck

a dragon with a trident. who loves fire trucks.

hitching a ride

and who got tired of walking about 10 minutes into it, despite repeatedly yelling “WALK! ME WALK! WALK!”

scary scout

and even though trick or treating was rainy saturday night, it was our first time in town going from house to house (or, according to my husband, “REALLY trick or treating”).  usually we would just visit a few friends’ and relatives’, but this year…we went all out. and they got more than 3 pieces of candy.


and, arriving home sopping and exhausted (and on a small sugar high), halloween was declared to be a success.



  1. Well, I can see how as a dragon, a firetruck would be very handy for putting out fires you accidentally start when you sneeze. Very cute costumes!

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