Posted by: mrtweeds | January 13, 2010

goodbye, rapunzel!

for the longest time, scout has insisted on growing her hair long.

she wanted it to be like rapunzel, or so she said.

and it was getting pretty long.

the problem was, she wasn’t such a fan of putting it in ponytails or braids every morning, never mind all the snarls that had to be brushed out of it.

so out of the blue on sunday, she surprised all of us by agreeing to get it cut. after all, she said, if it grew as long as rapunzel’s she might trip on it.

and while we held our breath wondering if she’d freak out and get upset the moment she realized there was no turning back, guess what?

she loves it.

and so do we.



  1. she looks adorable with her little Ramona Quimby haircut. i love it!

  2. Love it! super cute Molly!

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