Posted by: mrtweeds | January 25, 2010

a glimpse

it’s a very odd feeling when your first child heads off to school full time. all of a sudden instead of knowing every detail of what your child does, says, and who they interact with (even when it’s mostly you), you’re blind. she hops on the bus and disappears until she hops off, almost 8 hours later. 8 hours of being blind when it comes to what she’s up to.

so when we heard that scout’s class were the featured presenters at the morning meeting on friday and that families were invited, well, you know we weren’t about to miss our chance to see miss scout in action at school.

and bug was more than ready to take advantage of the opportunity to go to school just like a big kid. he packed up some books, grabbed sharky, threw on his backpack and headed off down the sidewalk.

it was both fun and bizarre to be back in the old primary cafeteria that once upon a time i ate my lunches in, but the main focus was, of course, the kids. to warm up we sang some songs and wished happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday this week.

and then it was time for scout’s big moment.

after being introduced by the principal, scout helped lead the pledge of allegiance.

and she rocked it.

give the girl a microphone and there is nothing that she cannot do. i am continually amazed at her fearlessness when it comes to standing in front of a large crowd of people, never mind the absolute confidence she does everything with.

after a nice sing along of “this land is your land”, some of her classmates told us what the weather would be like today, and the entire class stood up front and put together a presentation describing their theories about what snowmen do at night. after all, when you build them they look so bright and cheerful, but the next day they’re kind of tired looking… so obviously they must be doing something at night while we’re sleeping, right?


they had made a mural outside their classroom, and they made a slide show of said mural. each child had a chance to go down the line and tell everyone what they thought their snowman (or snowlady) did at night.

scout’s was named buck, and, as you can see, he was busy hunting dinosaurs.

when it was time to wrap things up, the entire class led the rest of the kids in a rousing rendition of “frosty the snowman”.

one kid’s energy and killer dance moves stood out a little bit.

yup. that one.

so, while we still might not know what’s going on once she disappears onto that bus in the morning until she reappears every afternoon, we’re very grateful that we got a glimpse into her days at school. and we’re very proud of her, to boot.

*overlay courtesy of dlsdesigns, via flickr



  1. How can you not love this girl…..

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