Posted by: mrtweeds | January 26, 2010

a present (and a happy accident)

mack gave me a beautiful hand blown hanging vase for christmas, but i didn’t know where to put it. i wandered around the house, trying it in this window and in that, and it just didn’t seem to be right anywhere i tried it.

finally, while i was cleaning out the sunporch/meatbagz workshop the other day, it hit me. what better place for it than in one of the many windows out there?

and as the afternoon sun hit it, causing all the “imperfections” to sparkle and twinkle and look absolutely gorgeous, i knew that i’d found the right place for it to be.

and even the old crow’s feather that i dropped into it while i cleaned, mostly in an effort to keep it away from the cats, seems just right hanging there in the sun.

in fact, every time i walk by  i fall in love with it a little more. so thanks, mack, for the vase, and thanks, mr(s) crow, for the feather. turns out they’re perfect for each other.

i love happy accidents.

*layer courtesy of fontplaydotcom, via flickr


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