Posted by: mrtweeds | February 1, 2010

a day at the museum (part one)

a few weeks ago we made a spur of the moment decision to make a little trip to the berkshire museum. one of the downfalls of living in the country is that there aren’t a whole lot of museums mixed in with the cow pastures, but even though this was a bit of a drive, it was totally worth the trip.

also, i took an absurd amount of photos, so the recap may take all week. you’ve been warned.

it was a very kid friendly place, and one of the biggest hits was the dinosaur room, where, as long as you’re wearing proper eye protection, you are able to “dig” for dinosaur bones.

it was hard work, but i believe they may have discovered a new kind of dinosaur. unfortunately, i’m not able to talk about it because of legal reasons.

and though it is not necessary to wear your eye protection while exploring the other dinosaur exhibits, if you’re feeling particularly threatened by the bones you are certainly more than welcome to keep them on.

although in some cases it may be better to have hand protection. dinosaur teeth are sharp!

but, in the end, as sharp as teeth can be, as big as horns can be, and as grumpy as triceratops can sometimes look…they still are powerless when it comes to the overwhelming power of hugging that certain dinosaur obsessed 5 year olds wield with abandon.



  1. This looks like so much fun! M hugging the dino = precious!

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