Posted by: mrtweeds | February 3, 2010

a day at the museum (part 3…last installment!)

at this point we were ready to explore the rest of the museum. and there was plenty to explore.

in the innovation exhibit there was a room where the kids could dance on a special floor and see their movements tranlated onto a screen in colorful designs.

there was an exhibit about the toys that alexandar calder made, and reproductions for visitors to play with. i have to say, i was in love with the simple and yet amazing toys, and took numerous photos vowing to one day recreate one or two for bug.

he enjoyed them too.

and then there was the “real, live mummy!” that william remembered from when he was a kid. scout stared at it for quite some time…while bug stayed in the calder exhibit running around with the toys.

and there were some real, live, grown up paintings…which i quickly snapped a few shots of before heading to the next kid-oriented exhibit.

which was about historical weaponry and armour, and went something like this…

and this.

bug was particularly interested in the weaponry section of the gift shop. granted, he spent the rest of the day trying to shoot bears with his new foam sword, but still. it’s education, people.

in short, it was a fantastic trip, and scout is already asking when we can go again (and telling us that all her friends at school are BEGGING to be invited along).

something tells me it’s not that far off into the future.



  1. We will meet you there the next time you go. 🙂 That isn’t so far for us.

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