Posted by: mrtweeds | February 9, 2010

i’m in love, i’m in love, i’m in love…

with the most wonderful light fixture in the world!

you were probably expecting something a little more personal after that subject heading, but i can’t help it-i’m a fickle girl when it comes to light fixtures, and when i find one that really suits my fancy i want everyone to know about it!

let me back up.

the chandelier that we had in our dining room was nice.

it was fine.

it was…blah.

yes, it provided enough light to eat by and was a lovely little lamp, but, having bought it almost 8 years ago, we and our dining room had both sort of outgrown it. but, honestly, i’m not one to shop around for new chandeliers just because, but, but…but i sort of found one.

and i sort of fell in love.

and then i sort of imagined that i could build it myself using copper pipe, part of an old piano leg, binder clips, and barrel hoops.

and then i came to my senses, realized that the stupid lamp was on clearance, and i should just buy it already.

so last week, my dad (after being bribed with cranberry white chocolate scones) came over and helped me install it.

and i love it.

the actual structure of the light is very simple (and ugly), as i discovered when i was trying to convince myself that i could be macgyver.

obviously, it has to be dressed to be attractive/interesting/worthy of my dining room, so i took some old pages from some encyclopedias and random other books that were falling apart and went to work.

not willing to just stick normal book pages up there (because how horribly ordinary and everyday would that be? i shudder to think), i dipped them in melted wax to make them translucent and give them a pretty sheen, even when the light is not on.

it also helps the pages have a little bit more weight and substance, so they won’t curl and go crazy when they’re clipped to the light.

see the difference? the top has been dipped, the bottom has not. and they are from the same book, just to give you a fair comparison.

anyway, after i had all the pages i wanted dipped, i went ahead and started to dress the chandelier, and i have to admit i had a lot of fun doing it.

this little area amuses me-i had found an old newspaper fragment that looks like the headline reads “boston”, where my darling husband often runs off to to see basketball games. under that i put “a mother’s schedule” that i took from a 1940’s “mothering encyclopedia”, where, among other things, it reminds mothers to take their children out from 10 a.m. to 1145 a.m. to enjoy “lots of fresh air and as much sunshine as possible”. and under that i hung an encyclopedia page about liquor.

my humor is subtle, but it’s there.

in fact, i had so much fun making these little layers that i’m sure it’s something that i’ll mess around with pretty much constantly, so i guess you’ve been forewarned-if you’re one of the lucky few who come over for dinner from time to time, you may never sit beneath the same lighting fixture twice.

but even though this may feed into my obsessive need to never leave good enough alone, and it may in fact encourage the rest of my family to more books and 2. rip them apart (i’m looking at you, bug),  i love the fact that it’s truly one of a kind and reflects our personalities so perfectly.

sure, it  may not be right for everybody, but it sure is right for us.



  1. LOVE it! So you! You’re so crafty and handy with this sort of stuff. Just fabulous!

  2. absolutely love this. it looks pretty perfect in the photo of the room! very cool.

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!! and I love that your dad was so easily swayed to help when offered the fabulous scones in return! Man, you owe me BIG for introducing you to those, eh?! 😉 maybe we could send a lovely, slightly used dinning room lamp my way… have anything like that lying around?

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