Posted by: mrtweeds | February 23, 2010

i’ve got it bad

as yet another winter storm approaches, i’ve given in. i’ve waved the white flag, i’ve surrendered, i’ve cried “uncle”, and i’ve stopped trying to fight it.

i’ve been beaten by winter, and i’m dreaming of spring.

i’m planning my new, extended veggie garden, attacking such difficult questions as “scarlet runner beans or major wheeler honeysuckle?”, “flat leafed spinach or mesclun mix?”, or “black beauty or purple rain eggplant?” head on. head on, i tell you!

i’m so looking forward to the apple blossoms blooming and smelling fresh and sweet and delicious.

even more delicious than the dirt, mud, and grey snow smell right now, if you can believe it.

oh, and COLOR. did i mention that i’m really, really looking forward to some color around here? color is good.

color is downright dreamy.

but unfortunately mother nature isn’t quite done with us yet-not that i should even be complaining, compared to what some folks had to deal with this winter.

but in the meantime, while the snow and ice they forcast steadily approaches, i’m going to be perusing seed and plants on-line, drawing diagrams of my flower and vegetable beds, and possibly placing a few orders for some new things to fill them up with.

because i’m ready for spring. i mean it this time.


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