Posted by: mrtweeds | March 3, 2010

sharing the love

ye olde meatbagz shop has been receiving some wonderful love lately-honestly, each time we make a sale, mack and i still text, e-mail, or call each other and multiple exclamation points are involved. and while we are so excited to be able to make and sell our bags, we are continually amazed and impressed with the artisans that call etsy home. so today i decided to return some of that good karma and highlight a few amazing shops we’ve come across in our etsy travels.

these beautiful silver earrings are by discomedusa. i love their simple and yet totally original design, and one of these days i’m going to get a pair for myself and wear them every single day. seriously.

this natural honey bee play set by naturalkidsandtoys is BEGGING to be purchased for mr. bug’s birthday, especially since one of his favorite topics is papa’s bees.

one of the best parts of etsy is trading. meatbagz hasn’t done much of it, but we’re definitely beginning to. freakofmetal, a shop we’d favorited long ago, contacted us this week asking if we’d be interested in trading for a bag or two. he got a couple of meatbagz, we got this awesome belt buckle and some wrench hooks! a sweet deal all around, i’d say!

i adore sharonmontrose and her amazing animal photography. and honestly, i just picked the rooster out of my many favorites. i would buy any of her prints in a heartbeat.

and speaking of photography, the amazingly talented tinacrespo contacted us last year asking if we could do a custom bag for her (which we were happy to). she liked it so much, she offered to send us a print as a thank you, and we picked “this time i’ll stay”. it’s so wonderfully relaxing and dreamy, we consider it the official meatbagz happy place. someday i’m going to be fashionable enough to have this beautiful item of clothing from mylolafashion, and my oh my how the other preschool mamas will stare…

oh, i could go on and on and on, trust me. i didn’t even make a dent, but if you’re interested, you can check out meatbagz favorites. it’s pretty much guaranteed to take care of the rest of your day. don’t say i didn’t warn you!



  1. Kate, I love, love LOVE that shawl collar top! Thanks for sharing!

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