Posted by: mrtweeds | March 5, 2010

happy accidents make me happy

not every bag created by meatbagz goes smoothly. and while we always allow ourselves a margin of error, sometimes bagz that don’t print well make us sad.

like this one:

you can see that mr. bull didn’t come out so well-either in the printing or after the desperate, desperate scrubbing to try to salvage the bag. and the fact that this was one of only 2 danish army backpacks we’d bought didn’t make the loss any easier, i can tell you.

but after staring at the stained and sullied backpack for awhile, i came up with a plan. a plan so daring, so innovative, so absolutely original it almost seemed ridiculous even to contemplate it.

i came up with…a PATCH.

but not just any patch, because that would be boring. rather, a number of patches, all rough and funky like:

yeah…now we’re getting somewhere. tea stained linen, maroon canvas, and a bit of, say, red thread…

oh, OH YES. this has now become my favorite meatbag ever.

i love happy accidents.



  1. you are too clever.

  2. Don’t sell it, keep it, keep it! =)

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