Posted by: mrtweeds | March 10, 2010

oh, to be two

not to compare children or anything (almost too late), but when scout was two she was easy. EASY. now, when she was three, that’s another story. i often said during that year that i was glad i’d gotten pregnant with bug before she hit that phase because if i hadn’t i would not have  had another child.

but we did.

and his name is bug.

and bug has surpassed any expectations for terrible twos, stubbornly refusing to give in to even the simplest demand.

like, for example, eating a dinner of mac and cheese. a dinner of mac and cheese that, i might add, i made especially for him and his sister since i knew they wouldn’t touch the drunken cajun chicken i had made for their father and i.

and this is the thanks i got:

an utter, stubborn refusal to eat a bite.

and the hateful glare. oh, the hateful glare. how DARE I FORCE HIM TO EAT MAC AND CHEESE!?!?

“fine. you want me to eat? watch me eat.

and by ‘eat’ i mean ‘poke at with a fork’.”

“did you see that? did you see me poke at it with a fork?”

“THERE. i poked at it with a fork AGAIN.


“what do you mean THAT’S NOT ENOUGH?



i’ll eat THIS MANY. ”

“see? i ate TWO BITES.

and by ‘bites’ i mean ‘two tiny mac and cheese shells.’

i’m DUM. ”


bug 1, parents, 0.


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