Posted by: mrtweeds | April 2, 2010

tough guy

bug’s always been a tough guy (except when he’s not), but this week he went ahead and proved it to the world.

the day of his eye surgery william and i were pretty anxious-not just about the surgery itself, but about getting him to somehow be okay with not eating until after his 11 o’clock scheduled operation (which turned out to be closer to 1130). bug likes his food, and he does not like it when he doesn’t get it.

much to our amazement, though, he didn’t even mention breakfast. maybe our pancake dinner threw him off the night before, but he was a superstar the whole morning. he played in the waiting room, was patient and friendly with the nurses (it didn’t hurt that they were all admiring him quite openly), and was pretty much the happiest kid on earth.

as you can see, he was go, go, go.

william and i have both agreed that the best part of the entire experience was the “cocktail” of tylenol and valium that they gave him before surgery. one minute he was sitting contentedly in my lap reading about transformers, the next he was totally, totally loopy. if you can imagine a drunken 2 year old (without any of the illegality of it), that’s pretty much where we were at, and, awesome parents that we were, we couldn’t stop laughing. perhaps the award winning moment was when he slurred “rrrrrroooockkk oooonnnnnnnnn!” and tried to do the bull sign with his fingers. if i’d had a video camera, i’m pretty sure we’d be millionaires after that one.

eventually, though, it was time to come back to earth and deal with the surgery. it took a lot longer than expected and things didn’t go 100% smoothly, but being the tough guy that he is, he recovered faster than anyone had a right to expect. in fact, despite the nurses’ reassurance that he might not be hungry “for a day or two”, he happily inhaled a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 2 cans of apple juice, water, and half a donut on the way home .

and when we got home he had another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some grapes, an apple, and a cookie.

and all this was in the span of about 2 1/2 hours after leaving recovery and before we put him to bed at home.

while william and i are still recovering and wincing every time we look at his bloodshot eyes, bug’s pretty much back to normal. we would like to thank everyone who thought of us on wednesday-it really meant a lot to all of us, even if bug wasn’t really aware of all the positive vibes being sent his way. and while we don’t want to push our luck, it does seem like his eyes already look a bit straighter (although we won’t know how things went for sure until his muscles have a chance to establish themselves in their new positions).

perhaps most importantly, though, for all of our well beings, it is wonderful that our bug is home happily running around like a maniac and the memory of the surgery (for him, at any rate) is a distant memory.

he is, after all, a tough guy.



  1. Yay Bug! OF course he’s a tough guy…he’s Super Bug. So happy all seems to have worked out!

  2. Way to go, Bug!!! So glad it went well, will keep fingers crossed fort he follow-up visit!

  3. Nothing could hold Captain Spatula down.Great job to Super Hero Bug.

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