Posted by: mrtweeds | April 7, 2010

80 degrees out and school vacation

today it is hot out.

and today my father was kind enough to come by and rototill my garden.

and today we spent a lot of time outside (already) enjoying the sun, the dirt, the fresh air, and the feeling of NOT being cooped up inside.

and today my children pretty much exhibited perfectly (yet again) their extremely strong boy/girl personalities.


doin’ a good job, there, papa. doin’ a good job.

and then mr. fox gave a toast.

so, you been tillin’ long? because i could give you a few tips if you wanted…

mr. fox could practically taste that glorious cider.

now this here, this here you got to oil regularly. if you don’t it’ll get all clogged up.

and boggis and bunce and bean are still waiting.

and papa, you gotta do DIS to make it go FAST! and papa, trust me, you want it to go fast.

the end.



  1. Adorable!

  2. I hope Scarlett is reading Roald Dahl in kindergarten. Good lord. You’ve got one smart cookie there. I wish we were closer to you guys. Yeah…I like you and William and all {shrugs shoulders}…but I want Molly to be Scarlett’s role model. Real bad.

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